Celestial Star (Japanese: セレスティアルスター Seresutiaru Sutā) is a holy-elemental Great Magic spell, featured in Valkyrie Profile. It can be cast by any Sorcerer during a Purify Weird Soul sequence, provided their default attack spell is Mystic Cross and their weapon allows Great Magic. As all Great Magic spells, it is multi-target.

Hits: 7
Charge time: 6
Increase to gauge: 70
Base spell: Mystic Cross
Incantation: "Ye must desire respite from thy empty existence. Thou shalt have it! Celestial Star!"
(Japanese: 汝、その風位(ふうい)なる封印の中で安息を得るだろう 永遠に儚く! セレスティアルスター! Nanji, sono fūinaru fūin no naka de ansoku o eru daro u eien ni hakanaku! Seresutiaru Sutā!)

Celestial Star deals many hits and adds a lot of energy to the Gauge. Due to this fact, and even though it deals a lot of damage, it is best used third in a PWS sequence, allowing a fourth PWS to trigger and helping to maximize its damage. In most cases, Celestial Star and Meteor Swarm are the strongest PWS in the main game due to their high modifiers, the high MAG of staves, and the fact that most enemies have lower RST (resistance) than RDM (reduce physical damage).

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