Witch's castle sealed by the Battle-Maiden. According to legend, both the castle and the witch sunk to the bottom of the sea. If the castle has appeared in the sky, it can only mean that the witch has returned to this world.

Celestial Castle

Lenneth in one of the "bottomless" rooms of the Celestial Castle

The Celestial Castle is a dungeon in Valkyrie Profile, floating above the ocean off the northern coast of Midgard. It is the abode of the demoness Genevieve, who has been defeated and sealed away by Hrist in the past, but has now returned, as Midgard is swiftly being destabilized by the absence of the Dragon Orb. The castle contains traps, as well as two rooms with no floor. The dungeon is only available on Hard mode, in Chapter 8.


Genevieve is summoned by Magnus, the court sorcerer of Crell Monferaigne, in retaliation to an attack led by a group of knights led by Fahn. The attack results in the death of Jayle, but Magnus is not powerful enough to control the demoness, who departs and presumably takes up residence in her castle once more. Lenneth eventually tracks her down, upon which she comments that, although the color of her armor may change, the Valkyrie always retains the same nature. Disgusted by her unnatural narcissism, Lenneth defeats her once again.


  • Eye of Heaven
  • Ghoul Powder
  • Flame Jewel
  • Wassail-Rapier (explosion trap)
  • Vegetable Seed (explosion trap)
  • Shield Critical (explosion trap)
  • Quartz Gem (explosion trap)
  • Reflect Sorcery (explosion trap)
  • Concentration (explosion trap)
  • Lucerne Hammer (explosion trap)
  • Aqua Vitae (confusion gas trap)
  • Ghoul Powder (explosion trap)
  • Sword of Silvans (confusion gas trap)
  • Armor of Aleph (artifact)
  • Harp of Atrasia (artifact)
  • Berserker Bow (artifact)


  • Inferior
  • Grey Bones
  • Mage Lord
  • Forager
  • Monstrous Vermin
  • Harpy
  • Haunt
  • Mandragora
  • Genevieve and Daemonic Baron x2 - BOSS


  • Falling in the rooms with no floor returns Lenneth to the world map, forcing you to spend two more periods to go back to the Celestial Castle.
  • All the chests in the rooms with no floor (except one) are situated on narrow platforms and are rigged with explosion traps, meaning that Lenneth runs a strong risk of being propelled off the platforms.

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