Calamity Blast (Japanese: カラミティブラスト Karamiti Burasuto) is a fire-elemental Great Magic spell, featured in Valkyrie Profile. It can be cast by any Sorcerer during a Purify Weird Soul sequence, provided their default attack spell is Fire Lance and their weapon allows Great Magic. As all Great Magic spells, it is multi-target.

Hits: 5
Charge Time: 5
Increase to Gauge: 20
Base Spell: Fire Lance
Incantation: "The time of exorcism is at hand! Venomous servants, unleash thy dark flames! Calamity Blast!"
(Japanese: 奉霊の時来たりて此へ集う 鴆の眷属 幾千が放つ漆黒の炎! カラミティブラスト! Hourei no toki kitarite ko he tsudou doku no kenzoku ikusen ga hanatsu shikkoku no honoo! Karamiti Burasuto! )

Calamity Blast deals several hits, but adds little energy to the Gauge. It is thus best used first in a PWS sequence, to maximize the damage of later attacks.

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