Blinding Blaze is the name of Rufus' Soul Crush in Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria. He can use it during a Soul Crush sequence, provided his equipped weapon allows it and he participated in the combo that triggered it. There are two versions of this Soul Crush, which both deal many hits and add a lot of energy to the gauge. This makes them ideally suited for the third position in a Soul Crush chain, as they will allow a fourth one to trigger and help to maximize its damage. Rufus' battle quote is the same for both versions: "Leave the rest to me! Finishing strike: Blinding Blaze!"

Blinding Blaze OneEdit

Rufus will use this version up until reaching the summit of Yggdrasil in Chapter 5.

Hits: 12
Increase to gauge: 66
Blinding Blaze One

Blinding Blaze TwoEdit

Rufus will use this version when he rejoins the party after defeating the White Dragon Mini-Boss in Yggdrasil in Chapter 5.

Hits: 18
Increase to gauge: 76
Blinding Blaze Two

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