Lenneth in the Black Dream Tower

So monstrous that the eye naturally turns away, even approaching it can prove deadly. This sinister creation could not be the work of humans. Some malevolent and unnatural being must be residing there.

The Black Dream Tower is a dungeon in Valkyrie Profile, situated to the north of Crell Monferaigne. This odd construct appears to be made of decaying flesh and bone. It is only available on Easy or Normal mode, from Chapter 4 onwards.


The tower seems to have originally been a temple, but a demon eventually took over one of the clerics. Persuading him that he was carrying out Odin's will, he led him to murder people and seal their bodies within the temple's walls. The trapped, tormented spirits of the victims twisted the tower into its current shape and made it grow[1]. Lenneth visits the tower to purge the evil presence she senses within. She eventually finds the man responsible for the murders in the company of what looks like the spirit of a girl. The man wonders why a Valkyrie would attack a faithful servant of Odin. He then states that everything he has done was Odin's bidding. Lenneth tells him that Odin would never order such a thing, at which point he designates the girl next to him as a messenger of the gods. Lenneth, however, is not duped and points out that the child is actually a demon. The demon then reveals itself and confronts the Valkyrie.


  • Vainslayer
  • Auto Item
  • Warhammer (explosion trap)
  • Noise Arrow (explosion trap)
  • Element Scepter (explosion trap)
  • Hit
  • Splash (explosion trap)
  • Quartz Gem (explosion trap)
  • Dancing Sword (explosion trap)
  • Lightning Bolt (explosion trap)
  • Flare Baselard (explosion trap)
  • Eye of Heaven (explosion trap)
  • Fairy Bottle (artifact)
  • Bewitching Statue (artifact)


  • Grave Mist
  • Lesser Demon
  • Monstrous Glowfly
  • Harpy
  • Wise Sorcerer and Dragon-Tooth Warrior - BOSS


The Black Dream Tower is similar to the Dark Tower of Xervah: both are tower dungeons with organic elements incorporated into their design.

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