Black Anchor Wrath is the name of a negative sealstone in Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria. It is located in the Serdberg Mountain Ruins.

Cost to restore: 100 crystals
Location: Held by Mini-Boss (Crust Golem)
Effect: The user becomes much heavier, making it harder to push or launch them.

If set on a dais, this sealstone could be used on very light enemies (eg. bats) to prevent them from being launched too high, or to nullify the knockback effects of certain attacks (especially Heavy Warrior ones), preventing enemies from being accidentally pushed out of attacking range. It could also be held by the party to prevent accidental Transfer on battlefields with holes in them. However, these theoretical benefits are outweighed by the fact that launching enemies (usually as a setup for a ground bounce) is instrumental to restoring AP, which allows longer combos once the Divine Time Giver is acquired. Moreover, hazardous battlefields are rare and usually easy to navigate, and it is perfectly possible to avoid using knockback attacks without crippling the party. Due to its cheap cost, the sealstone could be restored to raise the withdrawal limit in the Serdberg Mountain Ruins. However, the party can only hold one sealstone when they first visit the dungeon, so this is superfluous.

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