Astral Maze is a debilitating spell featured in Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria, usable by Sorcerers, two Archers and one Light Warrior. It attempts to transfer an enemy from the battlefield and, as all debilitating spells, can only be cast from the battle menu. As most debilitating spells, it is also cast over a wide circular area, enabling it to be multi-targeted.

Description: Magical light warps the targets to another dimension.
AP Cost: 24
Multi-target: Yes
Learned by: Aegis (lv.43), Farant (lv.43), Psoron (lv.43), Seluvia (lv.43), Woltar (lv.43), Lwyn (lv.44), Lylia (lv.44), Mithra (lv.45), Xehnon (lv.47), Khanon (lv.48), Lezard (lv.52), Alm (lv.55), Masato (lv.55), Millidia (lv.90)

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