Asaka is a minor character from Valkyrie Profile. She is one of Belenus' servants, and when she succumbs to a curse cast by his jealous wife, he sacrifices himself to save her.

Japanese: 阿沙加
Romaji: ASAKA
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Homeland: Wakoku
Appears In: Valkyrie Profile
Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth
Voice Actors: 20px-Japanese
20px-English Rachael Lillis


Asaka was most likely born somewhere in Wakoku and appears to have been either captured or sold into slavery at a young age. She ended up on the Lassen slave market, where Maria, one of the servants of Belenus' household, noticed her and took pity on her. When she brought her home, Belenus' father objected, but Maria promised to raise and train her herself, while a young Belenus consoled the frightened child.

As Asaka grew up, Belenus eventually fell in love with her, but it would presumably have been improper for a nobleman to be involved with a servant. He therefore married a woman of his own rank, but she eventually noticed his preference. Her jealousy drove her to make a pact with a demon, Lady Beliza, who sent a vampire to serve her. However, this cost her her life.

After his wife's death, Belenus finds himself needing another servant, as both Maria and his father have also died. He brings Asaka with him to a slave auction, hoping to have her serve as an interpret should they find another Yamato slave. However, Asaka is reluctant to go and stops along the way to pick a flower. When Belenus, who perceives her unease, questions her, she replies that, although she knows that he will treat the new servant kindly, she cannot accept to have that kind of authority over a human life. Belenus then likens the process of choosing a slave to that of picking a flower: neither of them has a choice to avoid their fate, yet Asaka has no compunction about picking the flower.

When they reach the slave market, they find the cages empty. Belenus reflects on his earlier words about fate and inevitability, but Asaka interrupts his musings, and they return home. That night, however, a spectre appears in Belenus' room, and Lenneth, drawn by its presence, appears to slay it. She warns Belenus that his home is cursed. Fearing for Asaka's safety, he runs to her room, only to find that the vampire summoned by his wife has killed her. Heartbroken, he begs Lenneth for help, and she explains that the only thing he can do is perform the ritual of Soul Transfer to trade his life for hers. Seeing this as an opportunity to make up for his passivity in the face of circumstance, Belenus accepts, and Asaka is revived, while Lenneth recruits him as an Einherjar. Nothing further is known of Asaka's fate.


Asaka is a common Japanese name, but the game uses an uncommon spelling. 阿 (a) is usually used as a prefix for names [1], 沙 (sa) means "sand" [2] and 加 (ka) means "to increase" [3].


According to the developers, Asaka is well taken care of by the remaining members of Belenus' household after his death. There seems to have been a short scene planned to show this, but it was cut during development[4].


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