Artolian Mountain Ruins 1

The entrance of the Artolian Mountain Ruins

The Artolian ruins lie in the northern hills. The massive stoneworks have eroded over the years and their hulking forms peer eerily out from a deep blanket of fog. A bonfire now burns there and an eerie screaming sound can be heard each night.

The Artolian Mountain Ruins are a dungeon in Valkyrie Profile, situated in central Midgard. Seemingly an ancient manor or castle, they are now inhabited by a vampire. Freya accompanies a newly awakened Lenneth to this dungeon in order to help acclimatize her with her powers. This is the first dungeon of the game and is available on all modes from Chapter 0 onwards. However, its treasures will differ depending on the chosen difficulty of the game, most of them only being available in Normal and Hard mode.


  • Iron-Barred Key
  • Eye of Heaven (1)
  • Vegetable Seed (explosion trap)
  • Book of Everlasting Life
  • Angel Curio (1)
  • Savory (1)
  • Quartz Gem (1)
  • Nightshade (1)
  • Element Scepter (explosion trap) (1)
  • Fox Glove (1)
  • Fire Lance (spell) (1)
  • Vegetable Seed
  • Vegetable Seed (gas trap)
  • Treasure Search (explosion trap)
  • Lapis Lazuli (explosion trap) (1)
  • Sealed Box (artifact)
  • Jeweled Blade "Grimrist" (artifact)

1 only available in Normal and Hard mode


  • Lesser Vampire (Type 1)
  • Ghast
  • Pongo
  • Dragon Servant
  • Elder Vampire - BOSS


  • Throughout the dungeon, Freya will explain the details of the battle system and the menu. After defeating the boss and backtracking to the entrance, you can speak with the fairy that appears at the entrance of the dungeon after Freya leaves. The fairy will also repeat information about how to prepare Einherjar for Asgard.
  • If you are not playing in Hard mode, this will be the only time in the game where you will have Freya in your party.
  • Freya will lend Lenneth a sword (Reiter Pallasch) for the boss battle, but will take it back afterwards.

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