Arianrod Labyrinth

Lenneth in the Arianrod Labyrinth

A large fissure in the wall of a ravine, caused by a tremendous surge of negative magic. Like a door to a strange place, most people don't know it exists. But it holds great power, and as such is unlikely to remain unknown for long.

The Arianrod Labyrinth is a dungeon in Valkyrie Profile, situated on an island off the northwestern coast of Midgard. This incongruous location, which has apparently been created by a demon, consists of a series of self-contained rooms with transparent walls which appear to be floating in limbo. They are linked by teleportation mechanisms which function on simple mathematical operations. There are 25 rooms, most containing either one or two machines to determine your next location. Each machine has two possible numbers linked to it, and whenever two machines are present in a room, the right-hand machine also assigns the operand which is to be used in the calculation to determine your next destination (-, x or ÷). If there is no operand indicated, the operation is a sum. This dungeon is only available on Hard mode, in Chapter 8.


  • Eye of Heaven (poison arrow trap)
  • Magic Blade "Cromrea" (paralyzing gas trap)
  • Wand of Apocalypse (paralyzing gas trap)
  • Eternal Fault (explosion trap)
  • Foul Slayer (explosion trap)
  • Flame Jewel (arrow trap)
  • Shadzard (artifact)
  • Secrets of Zolon (artifact)
  • Unicorn's Horn (artifact)


  • Argent Knight
  • Hell Gaze
  • Dark Sorceress
  • Wraith Lord
  • Silver Golem
  • Spectator
  • Demon "Wiead"
  • Ridiculer
  • Dark Lord and Demon "Vallan" x2 - BOSS


  • Arianrhod [1] is the name of a goddess of the stars in Welsh mythology. She is sometimes equated with Ariadne [2] from Greek mythology, the princess who helped Theseus navigate the Minotaur's labyrinth, hence the name of this dungeon.
  • The Arianrod Labyrinth is one of two dungeons in the game which are somewhat reminiscent of the film Cube [3] in the design of their puzzles. The other one is the Clockwork Mansion.

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