Animate Earth (Grand Trigger in the Japanese version) is a fire-elemental Great Magic spell, featured in Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria. It can be cast by Fire Sorcerers whose weapons allow it. As all Great Magic spells, it is multi-target, even if its animation is only shown to target one enemy.

Hits: 5
Increase to gauge: 35
Used by: Lezard, Psoron, Xehnon
Battle quotes: "I'll teach you not to take me so lightly" (Lezard)
"Do you really think you can withstand my magic?" (Lezard)
"I'm gonna put everything into this!" (Psoron)
"Your future is no more!" (Xehnon)
Incantation: "In my hand, the creator's sword that calls eternal sleep. Honor our pact and hear my command! Animate Earth!"
Animate Earth (used by Xehnon)
VP2, Einherjar's Great Magic, Animate Earth

VP2, Einherjar's Great Magic, Animate Earth

Animate Earth deals several hits, but adds little energy to the Gauge. It is thus best used first in a Soul Crush sequence, to help maximize the damage of later attacks.