Animate Earth (Grand Trigger in the Japanese version) is a fire-elemental Great Magic spell, featured in Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria. It can be cast by Fire Sorcerers whose weapons allow it. As all Great Magic spells, it is multi-target, even if its animation is only shown to target one enemy.

Hits: 5
Increase to gauge: 35
Used by: Lezard, Psoron, Xehnon
Battle quotes: "Do you really think you can withstand my magic?" (Lezard)
"I'm gonna put everything into this!" (Psoron)
"Your future is no more!" (Xehnon)
Incantation: "In my hand, the creator's sword that calls eternal sleep. Honor our pact and hear my command! Animate Earth!"
Animate Earth (used by Xehnon)
VP2, Einherjar's Great Magic, Animate Earth00:20

VP2, Einherjar's Great Magic, Animate Earth

Animate Earth deals several hits, but adds little energy to the Gauge. It is thus best used first in a Soul Crush sequence, to help maximize the damage of later attacks.

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