The Angel Slayer is a longsword which appears in all Valkyrie Profile games. Traditionally, it is found in the Seraphic Gate and is the best weapon in the game. A weaker version appears in Valkryie Profile: Covenant of the Plume, although its origin is vastly different.

Valkyrie ProfileEdit

"A sword intended to tip the cosmic balance, it has taken the soul of many an angel.

There is no existence greater than yours in this world..."

The Angel Slayer is obtained after beating Iseria Queen no less than ten times. It is far more powerful than any other weapon in the game, even though its Attack Trust of 1 makes it rather unreliable.

It is one of the three weapons, along with Glance Reviver and Dainslef, that allow Valkyrie to perform the most powerful version of her Nibelung Valesti.

Name ATK Attack Trust HIT Hit Trust Element Obtained 1,2,3
Angel Slayer200001700210NoneSeraphic Gate TreasureYes, Yes, Yes

Valkyrie Profile 2Edit

"Sword bestowed upon a villain who slays angels. Even the mightiest of gods is powerless before it."

A Red Slashing Rune that can equipped by all characters.

Name Stats Attacks Soul Crush Attribute Effect Buy and Cost Materials Find/Drop Unique
Angel Slayer10000 ATK
10000 MAG
2YESNoneDamage variance is increased greatly, especially against Divine enemiesN/AN/ATreasure in Seraphic Gate dungeonYes

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