Ancient Forest1

Alicia in the Ancient Forest

This beautiful, dense forest was once a battlefield. Lured by the fog, several monsters lurk inside.

The Ancient Forest is an optional dungeon in Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria, situated in Northwestern Midgard in the vicinity of Villnore. It is a sidequest location in Chapter 3 and 4.


The relic bow is located in a patch of white flowers on the left of the screen below the save point.


  • Dwarf Tincture
  • Screp
  • Flare Gem (freezing gas trap)
  • Crystal Wand (confusion gas trap)
  • 7,200 OTH
  • Iron Helm


Chapter 3

  • Thunder Hawk (Beast)
  • Kobold Knight (Beast)
  • Owlbear (Giant, Beast)
  • Sack Mimic (Magic)
  • Goat Man (Beast, Demon)
  • Troll (Giant)
  • Toxic Flower (Insect, Plant)
  • Cybersaur (Scaled) x4 - Mini-Boss
  • Griffon (Giant, Beast) - BOSS

Chapter 4

  • Kobold King (Beast) and Kobold Warrior (Beast) x5 - BOSS



  • This dungeon can be unlocked in Chapter 3 and 4 by talking to a man on the first screen of Coriander: he is talking to a woman next to the first house in the village. Return to him for a reward upon clearing the dungeon. You must clear the dungeon in Chapter 3 to be able to unlock it in Chapter 4.
  • Defeating the Griffon will yield a Jade Sealpouch, which allows you to carry two Sealstones instead of one.
  • Ehlen, Guilm and Gerald will appear in the Ancient Forest when released. You will find them at the bottom of a steep cliff two screens to the left from the save point.

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