Alfheim is the realm of the light elves and one of the five regions of Asgard. The fairies possess one of the Four Treasures, the Sylvan Bow. Although never physically shown, Alfheim is briefly referenced during the Chapter 4 Sacred Phase in Valkyrie Profile [1]. In order to bolster the Aesir forces, Freya sends Einherjar under Loki's command to retrieve the Sylvan Bow, authorizing violence if the negotiations should fail. However, the light elves appear cooperative and yield the Bow willingly.


In Norse mythology, Alfheim is one of the nine worlds of Yggdrasil [2], rather than being a part of Asgard. It is ruled by Freyr, brother of Freya.

Alfheim is composed of the elements alf (elf) and heim (home), and thus literally means "home of the elves" in Old Norse.


  • The light elves are sometimes referred to as "fairies" in the game.
  • Considering that the removal of the Dragon Orb acts as a destabilizing influence on Midgard, it is entirely possible that the removal of the Sylvan Bow had a similar effect on Alfheim. However, this is never referred to in the game.

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