Achromatic Law is the name of a neutral sealstone in Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria. It is located in Surts Volcano Caverns.

Cost to restore: 4,000 crystals
Location: Shell
Effect: All of the user's elemental resistances and weaknesses are reduced to 0.

This sealstone can be especially beneficial when set on a dais late in the game if you are using an elementally-oriented party (eg. Sorcerers or Archers), as most endgame foes tend to have elemental resistances. As it is rather expensive, you may want to wait before restoring it. There is no real reason to carry this sealstone, except perhaps if your party has a marked elemental weakness, and even then, it may be easier to counteract with accessories to free up a sealstone slot.


"Achromatic" means "without colour", a reference to the fact that elements are commonly associated with colours: nullifying elemental properties is thus equivalent to nullifying colours.

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